Car Thing the strange new Spotify device

Car Thing the Strange New Spotify Device

We do not stop seeing how cars are advancing rapidly, especially in recent years, with everything related to infotainment systems. Now it is not difficult to find models with all the imaginable extras and complete connectivity with our iPhone. However, this is not the case for all cars.

Car Thing the strange new Spotify device

Leaving aside that there are many cars with a few years on the streets, we must also bear in mind that the most accessible models, even being current, may have cut in aspects like this. So when Spotify advertises something like Car Thing, it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea to us.

The Car Thing, as officially announced by Spotify, is your smart car player. Designed to be rugged, it is a compact device that has a four-inch touchscreen but is designed to be controlled by voice, a dial, and various shortcuts.

New Spotify Device

This product connects to the car via Bluetooth, auxiliary cable, or USB, as it does not have its own speakers. From there, and connected to our iPhone or Android, it will give us access to our entire Spotify Premium music library, a subscription necessary for its use.

The idea is that we do not have to be on the phone to access our favorite songs and podcasts. In fact, it has facilities such as several configurable buttons that allow quick access to previously programmed content. However, its functionalities are limited only to Spotify, without more apps or voice assistants.

Personalized Spotify

Luckily, it seems that the price of the device will dispel the doubts of those who consider trying it (and who have the opportunity to do so). For the lucky users in the US who receive the invitation to use it, they can receive it at home by paying only the shipping costs, which are around $ 7.

In other countries, it seems that we will have to wait a little longer to test it. Assuming, of course, that they finally decide to launch it, since it seems somewhat complicated to sell when your phone is capable of doing the same with a stand. Maybe if they open up their possibilities with other apps.

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