Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing Tips to Increase Sales

We currently live in a world full of products and in continuous competition, due to the large number of companies that exist within each sector. Another important factor is the amount of advertising and information to which we are exposed, so it is essential that regardless of the sector of your company or business, you always seek to have a differentiating factor and reach through the appropriate channels and in as much as possible to your target audience.

Email Marketing Tips

Nowadays, having an eCommerce or a business page is essential to survive against the competition, have contact phones and mobile phones, social networks, and more, or be a digitized company, which, among other things, will help you to save time in managing your business. It is also vitally important to build a department that is in charge of the planning and implementation of the famous marketing strategy since a good marketing strategy is a fundamental characteristic in the success of any company.

To devise an effective online marketing strategy, it is essential to use the services of a good email marketing platform to manage your newsletters and contacts. If your company is dedicated to the sale of products, it is also very important to have efficient e-commerce and, in turn, have a simple and friendly interface for the client.

Email marketing and eCommerce: two keys to success for your business

Newsletters will provide your company with a fast and reliable way to increase your customers and, therefore, your sales. But in today’s market, it is difficult to choose between so many email marketing alternatives. One of the greats in this area is the MailChimp platform, however, it is not the most recommended, since it is configured in the English language, has very limited payment plans and with quite high costs compared to other platforms.

Email Marketing

Without a doubt, your best option is to find an alternative to MailChimp in Spanish, there is currently a great offer of these platforms in the digital world, but a very good option that we can suggest is Sendinblue, an excellent tool that will help you manage your newsletters, keep an exhaustive follow-up of your subscribers, analyze your campaigns and send mass emails in a comfortable and efficient way.

This useful email marketing tool offers you all the necessary information related to your emails and your newsletters. You will be able to access the complete analysis of your campaigns and enjoy an unlimited contact base, among other very interesting features. And if you are interested in trying it and making sure that it can be one of the best options for your business, this tool allows you to send up to 9000 emails per month in its free plan.

In addition, if you are not a design expert in Sendinblue everything is much simpler since you have a wide variety of more than 70 templates with editable designs to send to your contact base and give an excellent impression, also make the messages and be able to attract new potential customers.

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As we already mentioned, hiring an eCommerce platform is also essential for the optimal functioning of your business, as it will help you reach more customers and make the purchase process faster and easier. For this, you have a wide range of platforms, but you must take into account that before looking for a perfect and elegant aesthetic, it is more important than the platform you choose has an interface that provides a simple and customer-friendly online purchasing process.

Take the leap into the digital world and get ready to multiply your sales and revolutionize your business.

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