Voice Dictation in Word

Write with Voice Dictation in Word

Writing with the computer is now an operation that many of us perform almost daily. Whether it is drafting work documents or university notes, nowadays there are many people who use the PC to write down any information or to create texts for any purpose. One of the most popular programs for writing with the PC is undoubtedly Microsoft Word.

Voice Dictation in Word

Many people may not know a very convenient feature present within the aforementioned tool, namely voice dictation. In fact, the latter replaces our fingers by typing everything that is picked up by the microphones of our devices, through very accurate voice recognition. In this article, I’ll explain how to write with voice dictation in Word.

Write with voice dictation in Word on PC

The device with which we most commonly deal with writing texts and documents is certainly the PC.
The convenience of using a physical keyboard is certainly priceless, but there may be situations in which we are busy doing something else and the only way to write is, therefore, to have our voice recognized.
So here’s how to dictate documents in Word on PC:

  • Go to Edit> Start Dictation after logging into Word. You can also use the ALT + ‘combination to turn the microphone on or off.
  • Wait for the Dictation button to activate.
  • Start talking to check for text on the screen.
  • Remember that you can also dictate punctuation.

Write with voice dictation in Word on a smartphone

Nowadays, having the smartphone constantly at hand allows us to perform operations that once could only be done sitting behind a desk.

Dictation and voice commands in Microsoft Word
Writing Word documents on smartphones is now a very common activity, but not everyone knows that voice dictation is also present on these devices.
So here’s how to activate Word voice dictation on Android and iOS:

  • Open the Word app and tap the microphone icon to enable dictation.
  • Tap the new microphone icon in red and start talking.
  • Tap the microphone again to pause the voice dictation function when you’re done.

Voice dictation in Word online

As we have seen in the dedicated article, with Word Online we can use this convenient text editor directly from the browser without installing any application. All we need to do is create a free Microsoft account.

Even in Word online, you can take advantage of voice dictation to write with your voice. To do this, it is advisable to have a microphone configured and enable the privacy settings for using the microphone.

Finally, just click on the Dictation button located on the Home screen to start dictation.

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